More Zion!

Up again in the wee hours, out with the first shuttle, and on the trail before dawn. Today we did three different hikes, with snacks and naps and a healthy serving (or five) of ice cream in between. Vanessa’s step-counter says we did more that 30,000 steps over more than 12 miles. Another fun day in Zion!

Hike 1: Scout’s lookout. All the switchbacks but none of the death-defying insanity of Angel’s Landing.

We’re about to scale that cliff
Partway up the cliff
Looking back at where we’d come from
Yes, it’s as steep as it looks. No, that’s not all of the switchbacks.
That’s the back of Angel’s Landing. I had gotten permits to hike it just in case, but I decided last minute that I didn’t need to pick my way across a narrow spine of rock with thousand-foot drops to see a canyon that I could already see.
Looking down from Scout’s Lookout

Hike 2: All the Emerald Pools. There were three(ish) of them, and the word “pool” might have been a stretch this time of year. Think more in the vein of “puddle”. But still, the baby waterfall was nice.

Middle Pool
Upper Pool

Ice cream break!

Those were technically “small” scoops.

Hike 3: Watchman trail. Rambling through the foothills of this tall peak that stands guard over the entrance to the park. It led to an outlook with a terrific view of the valley leading up to the park.

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