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Nursery run

I’ve been sad not to be able to do my spring gardening due to the covid shutdown restrictions and nearly 24/7 work demands. But yesterday the stars aligned long enough for Justin to snag two shopping time slots at Molbak’s during a work break that was just barely long enough for me to be able […]

I’m less enchanted by the squirrels

Adorable tiny birds are one thing. Voracious squirrels who snarf a quarter of the birdseed in one go are quite another.

Two good things

We’ve been on lockdown now for four weeks now, and I’ve been working 16-18 hour days for most of that, weekends included. The two things are related and there’s no end in sight for either. But two other things help me feel a tiny bit human notwithstanding: First, I got a haircut today! After the […]

Those leaves!

Let’s just sit with this for a minute: That colour! The newness of those leaves! It’s just so full of life. The leafing-out of my Japanese maple is one of my favourite moments of spring.

Turns out I need birds in my life

How many weeks has it been since the covid shutdowns began? Feels like forever. A new mode of living that, despite the overarching gloom of illness and economic ruin, has many small charms. For example, birds. Last week, on a whim during my masked grocery run, I bought a bird feeder and some seed. I […]

Easter breakfast

This morning while my parents and siblings texted each other about their Easter hams, Justin made an equally delicious ham-free breakfast of ricotta pancakes, chicken sausages, and an omelette. I spent the rest of the day working, a complete basket case of stress, while Justin talked to his parents and enjoyed the roof and baked […]

Flowers for Easter

Back in December my mother, sister, Scoutmaster’s wife, and a few strangers had a lively exchange on Facebook about their blooming cacti, and I — ever the joiner — wanted desperately to be part of the club. And now I am. Joy.