Mark and Sarah get married

The happy reason for this trek out West was my little brother’s wedding.  After his first marriage ended a few years ago, he had returned to bachelorhood and I didn’t quite know what to expect next.  But then he met Sarah and her two kids and, well, after a couple of years of dating, they decided to tie the knot on the beach at Redfish Lake at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains.

The setting was stunning.  Even with the smokey haze that had blown in from nearby wildfires, I could see why the bride would pick this as a special place for the ceremony.

We picked our way in our Sunday best out to the sandy beach and took our seats in the little white chairs that had been set up there for the ceremony.

Justin, Dad, Lady, Ashley, Heather, Ammon with Cade on shoulder

The group was small — only immediate family on both sides, plus a few close friends of the couple.

Ashley, Ammon, Cade

Aunt Christine and Grandma Lewis

Teya, Shae, and Adri (in the back)

Christine, Justin, moi, Grandma

Jaron, moi, Grandma


The ceremony was simple and sincere, and the couple and her (now their!) kids were lovely.

Fortunately for all the small children for whom the rocks and waves were just too tempting, the ceremony was also blessedly short!  After a few family photos on the beach, everyone was set free to their own devices.  Kids headed for the water; adults headed for the tent with dinner.  And then some of us walked down to the pier for a post-dinner excursion.

Brynn, Jordan, Heather, moi, Jaron (in front), Justin, Christine

Hilarity ensued

Justin had been worried that his outfit wouldn’t be adequate.  Turns out he looked great and I was the one who was probably a tad over-dressed for the rustic setting.  I decided that if I ever got married on a lakeshore, the dress code would be “REI chic”.




  1. Cindy Davis · · Reply

    It was a wonderful day. So glad you were there!
    I personally would welcome REI chic, just sayin’…


  2. Cindy Davis · · Reply

    …and I loved the kayakers and swimmers passing by in the lake in the background.


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