I may have a thing for dishes

The other day I mentioned in passing that I had purchased some plates that had been calling to me.  Lady expressed interest in seeing the plates, so in response here you go!

It all started when I went exploring in Shoreditch a few weeks ago.  I was technically supposed to be looking for places to buy clothes because all of my jeans have worn out, but I stumbled across a Klaus Haapeniemi & Co shop and had to go in.  He’s a young Finnish designer who has gotten a lot of attention for abandoning the minimalist Scandinavian look that has been so popular lately in favor of Finland’s more Eastern European Slavic cultural roots.  What’s cool is that he has revived these folkloric themes without feeling kitschy.  I fell for these blue-and-white dinner plates (I thought they might go well with my 1840s milk pitcher).


Then a week later I was out running other errands when I decided to swing through the home furnishings stores on Tottenham court road.  I was trying to find some small, handmade earthenware jars with lids (which apparently are impossible to find–why do people not make what I want?) and came across another lovely line of blue-and-white handmade dishes.  The small side plates in particular were very appealing.  I loved the simple blue hashed border, and the curve of the edge fit perfectly in my hand.  I decided they could join my collection.


And then on the way out I got distracted by some bowls.  They didn’t fit my blue-and-white theme, but I liked the many colors and figured they would work well to liven up my Bircher muesli (I make a double batch and then divide it into four, one for each bowl, for a quick bite before the gym each morning).  Interestingly, I started out liking the grey bowl the best.  Then I was obsessed with the turquoise.  And now I’ve settled on the pink one as my favorite.


I’ve never been so interested in dishes and ceramics before — I’ve always been perfectly happy with the basic white dishes from IKEA and focused on other things.  But living here in London, where my flat is already furnished, I don’t have room to buy furniture (though heaven knows I would love to pick up some antiques) and so apparently my “design bug” is manifesting in the form of dishes.  Kinda fun!






  1. Cindy Davis · · Reply

    Those are all wonderful!


    1. Glad you like them!


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