I’m in Munich!

Trivia question:  Which takes longer, flying from London to Munich, or eating a French brunch in Denver?

Answer:  They take the same amount of time!  I texted Amanda a few minutes before boarding in London and she said she couldn’t talk because brunch.  When she texted back, I had just climbed into a taxi at the Munich airport.

After spending Thursday and Friday in Luxembourg, I flew back to London long enough to sleep, get a haircut, and go back to the airport — destination Munich.  I had to be here for work on Monday and Tuesday, so I figured I might as well go a bit early and have a day to visit the city.

On the taxi ride into town I saw lots of things that I’ll be exited to go back and see tomorrow.  The hotel itself feels a bit budget (which may explain why it’s allegedly a “preferred” chain for my employer), and the neighborhood a tad sketchy (too many “erotic clubs” for my taste), but it’ll do for a place to sleep and I expect to be out and about all day anyway.

After dropping my bags at the hotel I went out in search of food, hoping that I’d be able to find someplace still open.  The weather was sleeting and most places were closed, but I did manage to find a little restaurant next to a theatre that was still serving dinner.  (I loved how the restaurant translated Shakespeare from German back into English, rather than just using the original English.)



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  1. Cindy Davis · · Reply

    Hope you have a great visit! I was only in Munich one day and would love to go back.

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