Eating our way through Edinburgh

What do you eat on a food tour in Scotland?  Well, haggis, for one.  Served with neeps and tatties (a.k.a. turnips and potatoes).  We Americans may look askance at a sausage made of sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs mixed with oats and wrapped in stomach lining — but it was actually quite tasty (and as our guide pointed out, it can’t be worse than what’s in most American hotdogs).

We traded the Scotch whiskey tasting for a can of Irn Bru instead.  That’s the sugary Scottish soda that tastes roughly like caffeinated bubble gum and apparently gives Coca Cola a run for its money (the guide said Scotland is the only place where Coke doesn’t lead the market for sugary soda).

I didn’t get any photos of cullen skink, which is a delicious creamy soup with smoked haddock similar to chowder, but which I think was actually better.  I did get photos of the cheese board featuring various cheddars, a Brie-like soft cheese, and my favorite: “Blue Murder.”

After the food tour we back tracked for dinner at Maison Bleue, a place our guide recommended near the start of the tour.  It’s nestled within a 16th Century arcade on the lovely Victoria Street.  I opted for a gamey theme with pheasant and venison, while Justin had salmon and Amanda had something called a breewat.

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