Tokyo (Day 3) – Toys! Toys! Toys!

It was barely 10am when we finished walking around the fish market, and our lunch reservation wasn’t until Noon.  What to do?  Shop for toys!

Kiddy Land is a fancy toy store on Omotesando (Tokyo’s primo shopping strip) and is enormously popular among all ages.  Amanda and I figured that some time (and funds) spent in this shop might be useful in our quest to secure our respective statuses as Favorite Uncle/Aunt.

We walked in and were instantly assaulted by an overload of cute.  (You know that cult of cute that gave us the Maid Cafes?  Well, this is another, much less creepy manifestation of that.)  There was so much pink you’d have thought that Unikitty had thrown up in there (in fact, she was on sale in the Lego section).  

We only had about half an hour before we needed to head back to Ginza for lunch, so we scanned the store directory, set a rendezvous time, and took off hunting in different directions.


First stop:  Monchichi!  I haven’t seen a monchichi since Heather and I were little kids scraping the paint off our own little monchichis’ noses against the wall during nap time.


Then, of course, for the boy cousins:



And then, up on the top floor as if it were nirvana or an adorable Holy of Holies, the Hello Kitty Shop.


Seemed like a good place of find treats for my nieces…

photo 3
I’m guessing they didn’t suspect the manly black baskets would
be used for Hello Kitty merchandise…
photo 4
I knew I was in trouble when the shopkeeper intervened with a larger pink basket.
I’m pretty sure that a house with that many kitties would not,
in fact, be very cute at all.

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