Hurricane Sandy is on her way — apparently she has a play-date with a nor’easter in our backyard.
Virginia and Maryland have both declared states of emergency; DC’s in a state of blind panic.  The radio stations are all reporting about “the upcoming power outages,” having long ago realized that with utilities like Pepco in the region, there’s no need to include the word “potential” in front of that phrase.  And my fellow Arlingtonians, apparently operating on the theory that freezers and microwave ovens work when the power is out, are lined up at the Harris Teeter with carts full of frozen pizza.  (Judging by the quantities of toilet paper nestled among the pizzas, they also must anticipate an exponential increase in their use of the facilities during the next four days.)
Needless to say, I love all of this.  The forecasts are at once dire (using words like “unprecedented,” “double-freak,” and “beyond strange”) and obvious (the storm will either hit us or it won’t!) — I can’t wait to reprise my role of intrepid weather reporter
Of course, being the good Mormon and/or Boy Scout that I am, I couldn’t let a potential natural (non)disaster pass me by without practicing my emergency-preparedness skills.  So I left work a little early to top off my gas tank and replenish key elements of my food storage:
  • Perrier?  Check.
  • Dark chocolate-covered almonds?  Check.
  • Cornichons?  Check. 
  • Ingredients for hermit’s stew?  Check.
  • Nutella and bread?  Check.
  • Fresh flowers?  Check.
Just the essentials
Okay, I’m set.  Bring it on, Sandy!


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    …and here I was, only going to ask if you had your can of tuna and bottle of water under the bed to be prepared for said “Frankenstorm” (as they are calling it in our neck-o-the-woods). The whole thing sounds terribly exciting to me. I do look forward to your updates and reports. Can. Not. Wait! I'll be sooo disappointed if it passes you by! Lady


  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    eh ben, de quoi faire un pot au feu, agrémenté de Perrier et Nutella. Les cornichons sont-ils d'Amora? Quel parfait régime hivernal à la française! Il ne manquerait plus que quelques pommes de terre et des os de poulet ou des travers de porc pour un bouillon authentique à la place des cubes Knorr 🙂 Je dois avoir à peu près la même chose dans mes placards en ce moment, même si aucun ouragan ne s'annonce à l'extérieur…


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