Ugh, it’s fall

I think I’m not a fall person.  When I was in school in Utah I liked fall because I associated it with the excitement of a new school-year and the fun of wearing sweaters.  Now that I just work at a law firm, I don’t have new school-years, and I only wear sweaters on the weekends.  So that leaves me to appreciate fall on its own merits, which appear to be the following: 

  • Gorgeous, non-humid weather with rich colors from the autumn leaves.
  • Faded gardens and increasingly sluggish goldfish who may not survive the winter.
  • Dark, chilly mornings and evenings that break my cycling/running/workout routine and make me want to just stay inside and watch TV.
  • A feeling (let’s call it “dread”) that we’re on an accelerating spiral to the frenzy of the year-end holidays and the January doldrums.

On balance, it’s a negative score.  I really miss the heat and light and positive energy of spring and summer. 

Sigh.  Maybe the one-season climate of southern California would suit me fine, after all.


  1. I bet a turtle would survive the winter.


  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    The longer I go, the more I like fall, because of the beautiful color of the leaves, the cooling of the air, and the way the light turns from a bright white to a softer golden tone. I also look forward to the wearing of sweaters (if only). True, I miss the longer daylight hours. But I always look forward to the holidays and the bazillion little white lights that comer with the Christmas season.


  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    …It's the melancholy of the week between Christmas and New Years I don't look forward to, and January should be skipped altogether! Lady


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