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Hurricane Sandy is on her way — apparently she has a play-date with a nor’easter in our backyard. Virginia and Maryland have both declared states of emergency; DC’s in a state of blind panic.  The radio stations are all reporting about “the upcoming power outages,” having long ago realized that with utilities like Pepco in the region, there’s no need to include […]

The Ride: You mean the hike?

What to do the morning after your neighborhood is socked by a derecho?  Go on a long bike ride, of course.  Because what better way to express solidarity with your 1.5 million neighbors who are struggling without power than to venture forth into the heat and humidity with a bike and a couple of bottles of fast-warming Gatorade […]


Last night the DC region was hit by a whopper of a thunderstorm. Amanda and I had turned in early (around 10pm) thinking we’d get some rest after a tiring week and be ready for an early start in the morning. Half an our later we were roused from our descent into slumber by what sounded […]

Hurricane Report: 9h00

The bulk of the storm passed me in the night (I’m the pink dot to the lower left).  The eye is now is now sitting on top of New York (the pink dot to the upper right).  Right now in DC we’re only getting a light rain.  It feels very calm and ordinary after yesterday’s stormy energy.  The […]

Hurricane Report: 23h55

The storm is still going strong.  As you can see from the map below, we’re back in the yellow/orange zone.  Torrential rain and strong wind.  I’m getting really sleepy, and I need to go to bed.  But how can I go to bed when there’s a hurricane?  It’s like going to bed in the middle […]

Hurricane Report: 21h40

What does 12-16 inches of rain look like?  It’s been raining hard for the past 10 hours where I live, and according to the weather guys we’ve only gotten somewhere between 2-4 inches.  So if southern Virginia has gotten 12-16 inches, then I’m impressed and, frankly, have a hard time imagining what that must have […]

Hurricane Report: 20h40

I found a way to plot my position in the map.  I’m the pink dot.  It makes me sad to see that all the best stuff is passing by to the east!  Anyone want to go to Baltimore with me?