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The great thing about DC snowstorms is that they generate ENORMOUS hype and anxiety, and only very rarely live up to it — which means I get to enjoy all the drama of a weather emergency without the inconvenience of the real thing. For example, today:  DC is supposed to get socked by the last big […]

Winding down the storm

As predicted, the storm is now on its way out.  The strong winds are gone; rain continues, though significantly lighter than before.  Public transit is scheduled to resume sometime this afternoon.  Thankfully, my area seems to have come through relatively unscathed — I never lost power (though we had frequent flickers), nor did any of my friends that […]

Goodnight, storm

It’s late.  I should go to bed.  But I hate the idea of going to bed and having the storm be mostly gone by the time I wake up!  If the earlier stages of the storm were like Christmas Eve (plus the apocalypse), this part of the storm is like the night of Christmas Day […]


Okay, folks, it’s getting fun now! Around 5:30pm I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to get a feel for the storm.  It’ll still be an hour or so before Sandy actually makes landfall (probably just north of here, in the DE/NJ region), but the wind has really picked up and I wanted to see […]

Frankenstorm update

First, some background:  Midnight 4:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m. Noon Now this local weather report: The non-Elijah fish waiting out the storm Elevator notice from the Management(with helpful proofreading marks from my fellow tenants)

Waiting for the storm

I’m getting conflicting messages.  At 7:00pm, I received the following notice from WMATA: Two hours later, this one came in from the firm:  Because I’m a lawyer, only the highlighted part applies to me; the rest is all for non-lawyer staff.  For a firm that prides itself on its attention to detail, this […]


Hurricane Sandy is on her way — apparently she has a play-date with a nor’easter in our backyard. Virginia and Maryland have both declared states of emergency; DC’s in a state of blind panic.  The radio stations are all reporting about “the upcoming power outages,” having long ago realized that with utilities like Pepco in the region, there’s no need to include […]

The Ride: You mean the hike?

What to do the morning after your neighborhood is socked by a derecho?  Go on a long bike ride, of course.  Because what better way to express solidarity with your 1.5 million neighbors who are struggling without power than to venture forth into the heat and humidity with a bike and a couple of bottles of fast-warming Gatorade […]


Last night the DC region was hit by a whopper of a thunderstorm. Amanda and I had turned in early (around 10pm) thinking we’d get some rest after a tiring week and be ready for an early start in the morning. Half an our later we were roused from our descent into slumber by what sounded […]

Hurricane Report: 9h00

The bulk of the storm passed me in the night (I’m the pink dot to the lower left).  The eye is now is now sitting on top of New York (the pink dot to the upper right).  Right now in DC we’re only getting a light rain.  It feels very calm and ordinary after yesterday’s stormy energy.  The […]

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