Goodnight, storm

It’s late.  I should go to bed.  But I hate the idea of going to bed and having the storm be mostly gone by the time I wake up!  If the earlier stages of the storm were like Christmas Eve (plus the apocalypse), this part of the storm is like the night of Christmas Day (plus the apocalypse):  I just don’t want it to end.

So what better way to put off the inevitable than to blog about it? 

First, here’s another snapshot of the storm’s progression.  I’m still in the thick of things, but on the southern end of them.  Looks like the northern tentacles are finally reaching my sister near the New York/Canada border.  For Ashley’s sake, I hope they get a good wallop (and that she sends me some weather reporter footage that I can post, hint, hint).

Second, my nostalgia may be a tad premature.  A brief visit to my balcony confirms that the wind and rain haven’t lessened at all; maybe not the same boisterous gusts, but still nothing to sniff at. 

It also reveals a slice of storm life, as I look into the apartments across the way:  Everyone is home with their lights on (yay, no power outages!) and I can see what they’re up to.  Families playing board games; twenty-somethings having an impromptu dance party, a bunch of guys sitting around drinking beer, lots of movie watching (thank heavens for streaming Netflix!).  It’s kind of endearing.  Makes me feel like part of the neighborhood. 

One comment

  1. We didn't get anything to brag about. A few stiff gusts of wind (enough to blow all the leaves out of my yard, yay!) but nothing else. I have a feeling the worst is yet to come with the rain and snow that's scheduled to hit tomorrow and the following 2 days. But today we get to enjoy blue skies and almost 70 degrees!


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