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Volcanoes of Devonport

I’m staying out in the village of Devonport, across the harbour from Auckland centre. In addition to a completely charming high street, Devonport has two mini volcanic cones that make make for a lovely morning walk and terrific views. Mount Victoria had the best views of the city and the nearby neighbourhoods. North Head looked […]

Skellig Michael and the Ring of Kerry

You know that rocky island with the beehive huts where Luke Skywalker goes to grow a beard and become mystical in the most recent Star Wars movie? Well, it turns out that’s a real place. Off the western coast of Ireland two tiny spikes of rock (“skelligs”) jut out from the sea. On the larger, […]

Searching for Piet Udolph in the Olympic Park

On the far eastern end of London is the sprawling park area where the 2012 Olympics were held. Normally this would not be a draw for me, but I learned that some famous garden designers — including the Dutch designer Piet Udolph — have made some gardens there, and so this weekend I finally made […]

Mottisfont Abbey


When I told Lady and Dad that Justin and I would be celebrating the 4th of July in Seattle, they decided to join us! They flew in on the afternoon of the 2nd just in time for the weather to turn cold and wet, which meant that instead of grilling steaks on the roof, we […]


My current theory is that this stint in London is providentially designed to give Seattle time to catch up to where I’d like it to be if I’m going to live there. The best development so far is Amy’s move from DC to Olympia. This means I get to see even more of my favorite […]