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Macbeth and the ordinary

I was in Luxembourg all last week for a business trip that turned out to be pretty fun.  This was the annual EU-wide summit, where we get together to celebrate the past year and look ahead to the coming year.  We stayed in a surreal thermal springs resort that straddled the border between Luxembourg and […]

We both made it!

The British Airways flight went perfectly smoothly and I landed right as Justin finished collecting his bags — so we met on the train platform and are making our way in together. So a happy ending after all. Whew!

Third time is not the charm

Seriously. Orange screens again. They offered to put me on the next LuxAir flight, but I don’t trust it to go. So I’ve changed airlines and airports (British Airways to Heathrow) in hopes of actually getting out (at least I know they succeeded yesterday). One potential upside? Justin will land at Heathrow an hour before […]

Silver lining (but still not enough sleep)

So. Guess what I see after twelve hours of waiting in the airport for the next flight to London: Deja vu! A quick scramble, momentary hope for a flight on another airline to a different London airport, then bad news, a voucher for a night’s stay at the Ibis, a brief fight with a taxi […]

Change of plans

6:45am flight delayed, then cancelled, due to weather in London. Next available flight? Twelve hours later. I’m debating whether I just work from the airport or go in to the office. Either way the thought of a full day’s work on 3 hours of sleep is daunting. So I’m starting with an early-morning “lunch” with […]

Eating Italian in Luxembourg

It’s a good thing I went to the Christmas market last night — tonight was dedicated to good food and good company at Trattoria Il Riccio, which according to the Italian guy who organized the dinner is the best Italian restaurant in town. Except for the crazy Italian waiter who merrily inserted himself in the […]

Quick, to the Christmas market!

I’m in Luxembourg, in December, there’s fresh snow on the ground, and a Christmas market in the centre ville. How could I not go? I nearly didn’t. A combination of having gotten up at 4:30am to catch my flight followed by a day of back-to-back meetings meant that by the time I got to the […]