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Six-week-old Seattlite

Six weeks, folks.  I realized this morning that it has been six weeks since I got to Seattle.  When I thought about the things I’ve learned and done since then, the number “six” seemed both too long and too short, and I wondered, “Am I developing properly?  Am I ahead of the curve, or developmentally […]


Look, people, just LOOK at what is on offer in the men’s pajama section of Target.  I just — I don’t — are there even words for this?    These are the pajama equivalent to eating Doritos in public. Can anyone say “crisis of American masculinity”? Um, Lisa Frank called and wants her Trapper Keeper pjs […]

Spring Gala

What’s the use of having a reputation for excellent French and a passion for the performing arts?  Well, for starters, it increases the odds that your name will come up when the folks planning a black-tie gala look at the guest list and think, “If only we knew someone who was fluent in French and a fan of the Kennedy Center!” […]

A lesson for salesmen

BLOOMINGDALES Salesman:  [Ignoring me while rearranging stacks of shirts] Me:  Hi, I want to buy a tuxedo.  Looking for a slim fit in a 34″ jacket. Salesman:  [Without even looking up from his shirts.]  The smallest jacket I have is a 38″.   Total sale:  $0    NORDSTROM Me:  I’m looking for a tux. Salesman:  Trendy? […]

Because who doesn’t pack thirteen ties for a two-day trip?

Dad sent a text this afternoon asking if I was trying to break a world record for the longest time living on two days’ worth of clothing.  The answer is yes — if not a world record, then at least a personal record.    But let’s be clear about one thing:  I may have spent the […]

Happy Halloween

I’m not much of a dresser upper lately.  This year’s pre-Halloween costume parties were canceled due to the hurricane, and the law firm is way too Serious and Important for workplace costumes.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t use the holiday as an excuse to wear awesome socks. Okay, fine, I admit they aren’t exclusively […]

Waiting for the storm

I’m getting conflicting messages.  At 7:00pm, I received the following notice from WMATA: Two hours later, this one came in from the firm:  Because I’m a lawyer, only the highlighted part applies to me; the rest is all for non-lawyer staff.  For a firm that prides itself on its attention to detail, this […]