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I went to Paris last weekend. Why? Well, because I live in London and want to be able to say, “When I lived in London, I used to just pop over to Paris, like, all the time.” I had actually been in Luxembourg for meetings on Thursday and Friday, so rather than flying back to […]

Sunday in Berlin, in three parts

Part 1 Grit decided to go for a run, so I had exactly 90 minutes after breakfast to stroll leisurely from my hotel to the Gendarmenmarkt . . . . . . past the Humboldt University law school . . . . . . across a plaza bordered by some neoclassical buildings the color, and […]

Felicitations les bleus!

What to do on the day France competes for the World Cup championship and the match doesn’t start until 5pm? Start with a perfect brunch with friends at the hippest new concept restaurant. It’s called B.O.U.L.O.M. (stands for “boulangerie ou l’on mange”) and, we’ll, here’s how it works: You get there early to wait in […]

Vaux le Vicomte

The weather in Paris this weekend could not have been better.  Warm, sunny, glorious.  Perfect for visiting one of the more notable French chateaux:  Vaux le Vicomte. If you’re a garden/architecture/art nerd like myself, then you’ll know that Vaux le Vicomte was built in the mid-1600s by a guy named Fouquet who was the finance […]

Egypt at the British Museum

Guess what?  When you live in London your Egyptian vacation doesn’t have to end when you come home!  Those acquisitive Brits brought a lot of the good stuff home during their colonial heyday. To be honest, it felt a bit strange to see the statues, sarcophagi, and mummies in the British Museum.  I felt like […]

Temple at Kom Ombo

We sailed from Edfu up the river to Kom Ombo where another temple from the Greco-Roman period of Egypt stood on the shore.  Despite the blistering heat — at 3pm we were at the worst time of day for this, with temperatures well over 100 F — we climbed out and went exploring. We didn’t […]

Temple of Horus at Edfu

Our first stop up the river was the Temple of Horus at Edfu.  We arrived sometime during the night and took a horse buggy into town to see the temple. The temple here is the best preserved of all the temples we saw.  Aside from the early Christians’ attempts to deface the “pagan idols” the […]