En route to Seattle

I need to do more of these midweek flights! I’ll beer there weren’t more than 30 people on the whole flight.

Which meant I could take a nap lying down across the whole row, never wait for the bathroom, and get up and wander over to the other side of the plane to see the view without encountering a soul.

Ten hours is still ten hours, though, and there’s only so much napping and real work that can be done (especially when the laptop battery dies). Fortunately I found the new TV series based on a terrible which-vampire romance trilogy, and which had a 100% “like” rate from other fliers.

Turns out it was MUCH better than the books. Basically omitted all the angsty bodice-ripping and let the beautiful-people-in-beautiful-places (Oxford, Venice, anywhere in France) do all the work. Plus River Song was there, and I’m willing to go wherever she does. Suddenly I wanted a couple more hours to finish the series!

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