The food was better this time

While I remember very little of what I saw in Munich when I was here in 2003, I remember very clearly that I did not eat well.  My bank account by that time was running nearly on fumes, and I remember sometimes surviving on bananas and Twix for days at a time.  Fortunately this time, I could actually afford to buy food.

I ate lunch at a place called Kochspielshaus.  It had a cozy “country kitchen” vibe and was packed.  The menu was all in German, so I ordered the only thing I could recognize — lasagna — which came out steaming and very satisfying.


I intentionally passed on the dessert (which were enormous and looked delicious) because I planned to stop in at a few other pastry/donut shops during the course of the afternoon.  But they all turned out to be closed for Sunday, so that didn’t quite pan out.

Dinner, on the other hand, was terrific.  Lonely Planet recommended this place called Wirtshaus in der Au and said it was good for Bavarian food.  Honestly, the place could not have been more Bavarian.  Long trestle tables with happy people seated around them in a communal style drinking giant tankards of beer with knudels and sausages, and being waited on by strapping young men and women in lederhosen and dirndls.  It was exactly where I wanted to be at the end of a cold day of touring (even if my waiter did clearly think I was a lunatic for ordering a tankard of sparkling water instead of beer…).

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