Things I love: Trying out what I see in the magazines and having it work

If you read design magazines, you’ve probably noticed that nearly every photograph of a room will include fresh-cut flowers — more often than not, they’re peonies.  The heavily petaled blossoms offer such rich color and texture that they bring life and interest to any room.  

I’ve been keeping fresh flowers in my bathroom for quite a while now, and I love them.  But unlike the designers and stylists in the magazines, I’m at the mercy of the flower section at the local grocery stores — and that means no peonies. 

Until today, anyway.  Look!

They won’t last long, but they’re glorious while they’re here.  Makes me wish every season was peony season.


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    LOVE peonies! I grew up with them blooming around Memorial Day. To me they signal a fresh new season, an excited anticipation that summer is just around the corner. I bought silk peonies for the kitchen in Vegas. They are divine. (LOVE your bath decor, btw) Lady


  2. My peonies have popped this week. My kids are fascinated with them. We're always going out to have a smell. They are the best smelling flower in the world. When you grow up and get your own house, with a yard to keep, the first thing you do is plant some peonies in the fall and they will be ready for you the following June. It was the first thing I did when I put my yard in.


  3. Not that you are not grown up, you are…totally….I'm speaking generally here. But one day, you will have a house…plant peonies!


  4. Hahaha, not to worry — I'm totally on board with the plan to grow up and buy a house and plant peonies (and roses and hosta and azaleas and tulips and daisies . . . )


  5. I'll send you day lilies from my flower bed. You have to divide them every few years, and they are like rabbits…lots and lots to give away. 🙂


  6. I bought peonies this week too. They are my favorite!


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