Nuit blanche

The message at 10:00am this morning: 

“It’s Friday before a holiday weekend, and we’ve got people who need to leave for family and vacation.  Let’s get as much done as we can before 6:00pm, and then we’ll break and wrap things up when people are back in town.”

The message at 10:00pm tonight:

“We’re not stopping, and no one is leaving until they absolutely have to leave for the airport.”

It’s now after 2:30am and everyone is still here; there’s no sign of anyone’s going anywhere anytime soon.  I’ve worked nearly 40 hours in the last two days (and the lawyers on the other side have worked even more than that).  Most people (including me) are sick with some sort of cold; everyone is bleary eyed and hungry (they brought in coffee and stale donuts). 

At the moment we’re just sitting here, waiting for the other side to send us their turn of the documents.  I’m trying to distract myself from the horrendous mouth noises of that the guys sitting next to me make when they eat by making plans for the Utah leg of my trip (car rental; hotel reservations) on the theory that I’ll actually get there.

My flight leaves at 3:00pm tomorrow today.  If I’m going to be on that plane, I need to be on a train from here in five and a half hours.  (Technically I also could take the 10am train, but then I would have to go straight from the train station to the airport, without stopping to repack.)  I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

P.S.  I just realized that there’s a missing post.  I attempted to post on Thursday as I was taking the train up to New York — something about how pretty the pink dawn sky was, I think.  In any event, the post and related photo apparently never fully uploaded from my phone.  So there’s that.

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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    I'm praying for you things will go your way…especially before you need to be hospitalized for some nausty bug that's now totally out of control! A nap on the flight perhaps?? Lady


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