Here we go again

I didn’t have to go to New York today after all.  You’d think that would feel like a reprieve — but it didn’t.  Because the client didn’t communicate its expectations regarding travel until the last minute, I stayed up until 1:00am last night packing my bags, and then was ready to go early this morning.  I waited and waited and eventually got word that we weren’t leaving, until tomorrow morning.  Which is fine, because I can sleep in my own bed, but also annoying because now I have to unpack everything to sleep/shower and then repack it all tomorrow morning. 

Of course, my not being in New York didn’t stop the client from stretching out the day.  I’ve been on calls with the client much of the afternoon and non-stop since 10:30pm — it’s now nearly 1:30am and, although I’m off the phone, I’m now sitting around waiting for the last item that I need in order to finish revising the documents and send them to the other side.  There’s no way that I’ll be in bed before 2:30 or 3:00am.

And of course tomorrow morning will come very quickly.  I have to be on the 7:00am train to New York, which means I’ll need to be at the train station at 6:30am and waking up by 5:30am at the latest. 

It’s not clear at this point what effect all of this will have on the weekend.  On the calls today our client vacillated between a Friday night signing and a Sunday night signing.  Sadly, if they’re already thinking of Sunday as being within the realm of possibility, I suspect that that’s what it will be.  In other words, my plans to spend this weekend and Christmas in Denver with Amanda are in jeopardy — which really sucks.  It’s one thing for my own life to be thrown to pieces; it’s quite another for that to affect someone else.  While the firm will reimburse the cost of lost or changed plane/theatre/ballet/movie tickets, it won’t be able to give back the time and the company. 

So, boo.  I’m not very happy about this situation, and my lack of control over any of it stresses me out.  I don’t have much choice but to grit my teeth and bear it out — and hope that once we get to New York we’ll be in a better position to influence things and get them to move along more quickly.


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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Disappointing and infuriating all around…and at Christmas time…how thoughtless and selfish. Hoping for all the best for you and that you don't get any sicker. Lady


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