Three things of note


I got my teeth sanded today.  Didn’t bother me too much while it was happening, but now it’s totally weirding me out — first time in my life that I’ve had space between my bottom teeth* and been a vampire at the same time.  How do I know I’m a vampire?  Because (a) I was bitten by vampire pajamas two months ago and didn’t die, and (b) my teeth are now sharp and things get stuck between them.  Seriously, I’m starting to think that the vampire’s traditional all-liquid diet may have more to do with oral hygiene than monstrosity.

* It’s so the teeth will have room to move when I get Invisalign next month.


The M&A deal that I had been working on — and which had so effectively shut down my personal life and disrupted my vacation the past couple of weeks — died a quick and decisive death.  Ding dong, the witch deal is dead!  Which means my life instantly became more sane.  I get to catch up on the other work projects that had been pushed to the margins, and I can start restoring some of my extracurricular activities.  Yay!


I learned that mud-wrestling women, even in the context of a play as delightful as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is a baffling and unpleasant thing.  Such a mess!  Why do guys think it’s a turn-on?  The rest of the play, which was put on by the Shakespeare Theatre Company, was excellent.  Puck (played by one of my favorite local actors) was properly impish, and Bottom (a newcomer to the STC, I think) was one of the strongest and most hilarious actors I’ve seen in that role — in fact, the whole ragtag theatre troupe of workmen really stole the show.  How nice to see a show without feeling guilty for skipping out on work or fearing a slew of demanding emails waiting for me back at the office afterwards!

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  1. What!? No pictures of your vampire self!? Honestly… And good luck with the invisalign, it's been something on your mind for a while now.


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