Fez, Day 3: What we ate

Breakfast in the riad was the same as before, though with slightly better bread.  I explored the honey and the lemon marmalade.

I’m going to miss breakfasting in courtards like this

I wonder if I could keep a turtle on my balcony…

For lunch we returned to the Cafe Clock.  It’s conveniently located at one end of the market, and we were in the mood again for something non-Moroccan.

Falafel, hummus and tabouleh

Dinner ended up being quite the boondoggle.  We tried five different restaurants, each of which was closed for Ramadan.  So we ended up going back to Thani — along with every other Western tourist in the city.  Fortunately, the staff is super friendly and the food tasty.  We certainly could have done worse on our last night in Morocco.

Couscous with chicken and vegetables
(one of the better couscouses on this trip)

The upside of all that fruitless restaurant-hunting?  Getting to practice my navigation skills (aided at times with GPS) through the narrow streets of the medina and discovering a little viewpoint where we could see the countryside beyond the city walls.

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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    A turtle on the balcony…
    Wondering the city looks a lot like hiking through slot canyons. Lady


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