Heat Wave!

According to the Weather Channel, here’s what’s going on outside right now in Washington, DC:

Temperature:  95 F  (35 C)
Feels like:  112 F  (44 C)
Humidity:  58%

And at my parents’ place in Las Vegas? 

Temperature:  98 F  (37 C)
Feels like:  93 F  (34 C)
Humidity:  9%

Just take a minute and think about that.


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Yesterday afternoon, we were at 1% humidity, by 10:15pm, 6%. Yes, it is a DRY heat! Lady


  2. Temperature: 78 F
    Feels like: 79 F
    Humidity: 28%

    Just thought you'd like to know.


  3. Temperature: 92
    Feels like: sauna
    Humidity: 89%



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