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Lovely Sunday

A perfect, sunny September day in Seattle — easy to think you’re on vacation instead of a work trip!  Started with breakfast: a bagel with lox and cream cheese from Eltana and a pain au chocolat from Sea Wolf bakery. All eaten on my roof overlooking Seattle, of course.  After that I puttered around the […]


Last week in Madrid and Munich, next week in Seattle. I flew out on Saturday to have a weekend without work.  Justin met me at the airport with a bunch of lilies.  Then we got some tacos to stave off jet lag for a few more hours.  And then went to his house where my […]

Seattle for the Fourth – Legos!

When we went to bed after the fireworks on the 4th of July, I told my parents that we didn’t have any fixed itinerary for the next day, so they were free to take all the time they wanted in the morning and we’d figure out what to do with the rest of the day […]

Seattle for the Fourth – Independence Day

The Fourth of July last year was blazing hot.  This year?  Not so much:  Chilly and grey, with patches of rain.  Apparently this is how the Pacific Northwest “does summer.”  But being the good Americans we are, we celebrated our independence — weather be damned! We caught a late-morning ferry to Bainbridge Island, where Justin’s […]

Seattle for the Fourth – Waterfalls and Musical Theatre

The parental units are in Seattle to celebrate America! Highlights from day one:  – Brunch! – Naps!   (No photos out of respect for the sleeping) –  Snoqualmie Falls! – Dancing minors! (also, miners!)

Christmas morning and Star Wars and Christmas Eve dinner (in that order)

Christmas Eve dawned grey and chilly, and we went downstairs to get a head start on celebrating Christmas itself with a leisurely, hours-long gift exchange (how can you tell none of us has kids?). We started with the stockings, which I (on behalf of Santa) had filled with travel-related goodies. A sleeping mask and earplugs […]

‘Twas the night before Christmas Eve

Christmas is here!  And this year I’m taking an approach to celebrating that’s, well, let’s just say, not super conventional.  Instead of flying out to spend Christmas with family, I stayed in Seattle to celebrate with Amanda (who came up from Denver) and Justin.  The plan was to do Christmas at my house, then go […]