The hand bouquet

The second task in my floristry class was to create a hand bouquet—meaning a bouquet constructed with stems held in hand, rather than inserted into a vase. The result was supposed to be compact, roughly symmetrical and appealing from all sides—something in the vein of a bridal bouquet.

I chose to build mine with a range of bright yellows—various chrysanthemums, daisies, snapdragons and chamomile—with white hydrangeas as the base. The hydrangeas wouldn’t be visible in the end; they just hold everything together.

I admit I started out pretty confident—and let’s just say the process quickly brought be down a few pegs. This hand-held business was much trickier than I thought it would be! It was fussy and stressful and I regretted using the multi-headed chrysanthemums and chamomile because they made it much more complicated to achieve an even distribution and symmetry—in fact, I gave up on symmetry.

Here’s what I started with:

Here’s where I ended—from what I think are the two most flattering angles:

This view is the closest to what I had envisioned at the outset. I just didn’t quite manage to achieve it consistently in 360 degrees.
This angle is rougher: clumpy color masses, wonky snapdragons, and the chamomile isn’t even visible.
But the colors themselves still bring all the happy sunshine feeling I hoped they would.


  1. Looks like the perfect cheerful spring bouquet!

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  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    The colors are bright and cheerful. Love that vase! It looks perfect against that wall. I see how single headed blooms would have been more helpful. — Lady

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