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Home again

Well, I’m back.  Tucked safely away in my little apartment in Arlington, VA, enjoying powerful air conditioning and Mexican food.  It feels about as far from Cambodia as possibe.  Except for the humidity.  That is exactly the same.  Maybe even worse.  Way to go, Founding Fathers, way to build the nation’s capitol in a semi-tropical […]

Temples of Angkor

Like Machu Picchu, the Ayah Sofia, and Tikal, the temples of Angkor more than live up to their reputation.  It’s one of those places where you get there and look around and have a hard time believing it’s real.     The temple complex, which is the largest in the world (way bigger than Tikal), […]

Siem Reap – Silk farm of Les Chantiers Ecoles and Artisans d’Angkor

On the afternoon of our first day in Siem Reap Vanessa and I went to visit Les Chantiers Ecoles, an establishment that teaches traditional Khmer artisanship to local youth.  The goal is to help them develop skills that will help them support themselves in the region, thereby reducing both poverty and the flight of young […]

Siem Reap

This isn’t really a post.  I mean, it’s a post because it shows up in the blog, but I’m not really going to do proper justice to anything that I write about.  I’ll mention some things that I don’t have photos for (yet), and other things that I have tons of photos for but which merit […]

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