Tile and the election

At about 6:15 this morning I had an epiphany of what I wanted my bathroom to look like at the end of its upcoming remodel (the result of the last remodel turning out to be a real hack job that only made things worse). By a few hours later I had visited the tile store and narrowed my selection to two options that were pretty close to what I was hoping for . . .

Pairing the patterned tile with the solid in the center
The one on the bottom left, paired with a mid tone grey that I didn’t take a picture of.

. . . so I’ve brought some samples home to test them out in real life and make my choice. Fun fun!

Speaking of choices and remodels, the presidential election was finally called today. The news reached me via a text thread with Amanda and friends while shopping for tile.

I admit I was surprised. As appalling as I found Trump’s presidency, I had resigned myself after he won the first time to the very real possibility of his winning again.

But I also wasn’t elated by the announcement the way so many of my friends were. In part because I know we’re not out of the woods yet with Trumps vows to contest the election, and also because Biden has never inspired me. “Better than Trump” may be a reason to vote, but it’s not a high bar.

Then I watched his acceptance speech and was surprised again. For the first time in my life a political speech moved me emotionally, inspiring hope that we might actually be able to achieve the vision of unity and healing he described. If we do, it won’t be because of him but because enough good people of all stripes decide to be better and work together to change.

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