Turns out I need birds in my life

How many weeks has it been since the covid shutdowns began? Feels like forever. A new mode of living that, despite the overarching gloom of illness and economic ruin, has many small charms.

For example, birds. Last week, on a whim during my masked grocery run, I bought a bird feeder and some seed. I set it out in my back garden and went about my day. My expectations were low: the feeder instructions suggested it would take several weeks before any birds came, if they ever came at all.

But lo! Within literally five minutes my garden was a-flutter with tiny winged visitors. Perched on the feeder, hopping along the ground, observing from branches a little ways off—these little friends went about their day and filled mine with unexpected happiness.

The liveliness has continued all week, and my whole orientation has changed. I look for ways to spend more time at the window. In the morning with my bowl of muesli. During my many hours-long conference calls for work. I had thought I might end up getting rid of the feeder as a pointless eyesore; now I wonder how I ever thought I could have a garden without one.

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  1. Cindy Davis · · Reply

    What a delight! I love twittering birds!


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