Does this count as adding to the “patina of age”?

Dang it. Apparently this is what happens when your 18th Century china taps the granite countertop in just the wrong way.

I could be devastated and flagellate myself for not having wrapped it in bubble tape or hung it safely on the wall. But that would be no fun and besides I need something to eat my burrito bowls in. After all, beautiful things are made to be used and enjoyed!

So I will be googling how to repair broken dishes and making a note to self never to have granite countertops again.


  1. Cindy Davis · · Reply

    Oh sadness. Too bad. Granite countertops are tough. I’m happy to not have them anymore.

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  2. susan waterhouse · · Reply I would like to see you repair it this way!

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    1. Ooh, I thought of that too! I’m open to doing it if I can figure out how to do it well. I would probably practice on some other dishes first…


  3. Jack M Davis · · Reply

    There is always duct tape ;).


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