I went to a cricket match the other day at the super-posh Lord’s stadium.  Dress code was jacket and tie.  We were in a private box with never-ending catering and arguably the best seats in the stadium.

England was playing India in a multi-day match.  The match started but I stayed at the buffet table noshing on finger sandwiches and asking to be filled in on the rules of the game, exactly zero of which I remember.

Twenty minutes later play was stopped for rain.

The heavens duly poured.  The pitch was covered to prevent mud (a necessary measure when you play in all-white outfits, to be sure).  And catering went into high gear to keep us happy.

Five hours later (I kid you not; thank heavens there was food) play resumed.  This time, having learned just how non-weather-tolerant this game is (despite being played in England where it rains approximately all the time!), I paid rapt attention for the remaining 30 minutes of the game.

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