Let the holidays begin

Today was technically a work day for me.  But with most people already out for the holidays, it was more than quiet.  I “worked” from home and basically wrapped up enough open threads to feel like I could disconnect with peace of mind. Around 2pm I turned off the laptop and we officially started the holidays!

First on the agenda?  Lunch with Justin’s brother Matt, followed by haircuts chez the Turkish barber down the street.  I told them to give Justin the full treatment — which consists of singing off the little fuzzy ear hairs with a flaming wand — and they did not disappoint.  (“I didn’t think he was actually going to hit me with it,” Justin commented, “I could actually hear the hairs singeing!)


Then back to Angel for an early screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which lived up to the hype.  I liked how the plot didn’t always go in the direction I thought it would, and I loved all the roles for women (though unfortunately I think it still fails the Bechdel test, since all the conversations I can remember between women were about men–would love to be wrong about that…).


After the movie we met up with Matt again for dinner at Ottolenghi, which basically consisted of a string of gorgeous and delicious Mediterranean tapas-style dishes.  We were too absorbed in eating to get any photos of dinner, but I did notice that their choice of flower arrangement was delightfully similar to what I had been trying to achieve.

Here’s theirs:


And here’s mine:

After dinner we did a bit of crafting — I have a paper deer mask that I wanted to assemble to hang on the wall.  It turned out to be more trying on our patience that we were up for at the moment (those antlers!) so we paused and will pick it up again tomorrow.


  1. Cindy Davis · · Reply

    Nice start!

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  2. Gasp! You’re crafting without me?!?!

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