Work and waffles in Brussels

I’m in Brussels for a quick work trip. Took the Eurostar over this afternoon and of course the first thing I did upon arriving was get a gauffre in the gare. Because that’s what you do. 

Then work work work till late, and then (drumroll) a walk down into centre ville for a pita . . .  

Mmm, pita mais avec sauce samourai

. . . followed by some serious Belgian atmosphere at the Grand Place. 

I had intended to keep working my way through the other Belgian food groups (frites, cheese, chocolate) but ended up circling back for another gauffre.

Because there’s nothing better than a hot waffle in the rain

It’s crazy to think it has been almost 20 years since I first lived in Belgium! So much is familiar, and so much has changed. Seemingly for the better, too–the overall feel is much cleaner and more prosperous than what I remember. 

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