Almost chez moi

It’s official —  I have a place to live!!  Tenancy agreement signed, check-in inspection complete, and keys in hand.  And oh, what keys!

The reader-of-gothic-novels in me got childishly happy when the leasing agent handed over two skeleton keys.  It just feels so, well, English of me to be living in an 18th Century building full of antiques with skeleton keys.

The flat is fully furnished (possibly a tad over-furnished) and I’ll need to think about how I want to use the space and make it feel like my own.  But I think it’s got good bones and will be nice once I get settled in.


The fireplace in the living room.  Not sure yet if it works.  The chairs are about the right height for small children.  And that coffee table is horrendous.


The other end of the living room. The old furniture is lovely, though the giant planter along the back wall is a mystery.


The kitchen. I like the large window. Not sure what possessed the landlord to install such modern light fixtures in such a traditional flat.


The back bedroom. Complete with a print of the Empress Josephine.


Looking into the front bedroom through the all glass door. Both bedrooms have them… I think I’ll need to find some sort of curtain before guests arrive.


The bathroom. Unfortunately the last tenant left it quite mildewy. I’ve asked the landlord to clean it more thoroughly before I move in, and I suspect I’ll still be using a healthy dose of bleach on everything to try and get it to smell fresh.


  1. Yay!!! And those are the best keys. You dang well better have candles and a diaphanous nightgown while you’re opening doors this coming winter.


    1. Absolutely. And one of those pointy sleeping hats that Ebenezer Scrooge always has.


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