Puerto Rico — Oops

We got back to the condo at 9:30pm or so, which of course is WAY too early to go to bed.  So Justin broke out the game of Set and we played just long enough to confirm that I’m terrible at card games before devolving into deep “truth or dare” sleep-over style conversations (only without the dare).  
Somewhere in the wee hours we decided that we really ought to go to bed so that we wouldn’t be too tired to lounge on the beach all day the next day — but then apparently Amanda’s subconscious enthusiasm for late-night conversations took control of her leg and sent a tall glass of water flying off the coffee table onto the hard tile floor.  
So we threw a late-night sweeping party!!
Oh wait — what did we learn in Young Women’s about modesty?
Much better.
(To Amanda’s Grandparents:  Please focus on this picture and not the former.)

It’s amazing how many shards can come from a single drinking glass — and how far they can scatter across hard tile floors!  Fortunately, we had Justin’s able multi-tasking assistance with the dust tray and furniture moving.  We were quiet and in bed in (almost) no time.

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  1. Love that Justin is brushing his teeth while doing dust pan duty!


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