As if lush, winter-flowering bushes weren’t enough to make me love where I live, a family of hummingbirds has moved in.  I’ve counted at least three so far.  They play in the fountains and hang out in the trees, and I feel as happy as a kid on Christmas every time I see them. 

Can you see it?  This is the fountain in my little backyard.
Hummingbirds are the dangedest to photograph, especially on a dim, cloudy morning.
This one’s playing in the fountain in the courtyard out front.
It may look like a sparrow or chickadee, but don’t be fooled.
In better light you’d see the bright green back and ruby red throat.



  1. Hummingbirds! How divine!


  2. I love hummingbirds. This reminds me I need a new feeder for the summer. You know you need not ever buy the premixed hummingbird nectar. Make your own by mixing 4 parts water to 1 part table sugar. You don't even have to put red food coloring it it. They will find it on their own, and once they know it's there will come back.


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