Snorting milk at 4:00am

Okay, so the great thing about working from 8:30am-4:00am is that, by the time you get back to your hotel, you are STARVING (like, Donner Party starving) and completely slap-happy — so you feel zero qualms about settling down with a $25 box (well, boxes) of cold cereal from room service to read a few funny blog posts before going to sleep.  Only you have to be really careful to coordinate your reading and your eating, because if you accidentally read blog posts like this one or this one in the middle of a bite, you could very well end up snorting skim milk and low-fat raisins out of your nose.

Because of course a $25 bowl of cold cereal doesn’t come with anything to drink.

One comment

  1. That Snuggie entry was killing me! I would have snorted milk too, had I been drinking some!


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