Glory be

We got the message late last night that the client’s business team would be meeting with senior management in the morning to discuss key terms of the deal.  This meant two things for the lawyers:  First, it meant that we suddenly had a pile of new work to do in preparation for those early meetings — because naturally the business folks wanted to present something coherent and useful to their bosses, and the task of creating those documents fell to the lawyers.  Sigh.  Second, it meant that there would be little for the lawyers to do during the morning hours while the business team was in meetings — and for the first time since we got here Saturday morning, they decided that it was okay for us to stay at the hotel and sleep rather than sit in the conference room and wait for them.  YAY!

So I slept like a dead person for eight hours straight.  Then got up, ate a pillow chocolate because I was starving, got dressed for the day and had brunch at Le Pain Quotidien across the street.  Now, feeling like a civilized human being again, I’m heading back over to the war rooms for the next round of adventure. 

It sure does feel good to have had a break!  The key now will be to keep this thing moving enough during the next two days to permit us to go back home to DC for at least part of the weekend…

Think of these as my hotel-dwelling emergency food storage.

Quiche lorraine with lentil soup and lemonade

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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Well, can I get an AMEN?!! It's about time for a break. Thank heavens for chocolate. Is there not 24hr room service? Is the hotel doing your laundry everyday? Lady


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