Buying airplane tickets is by far the most tedious stage of travel.  In order to identify the perfect schedule/price combination, I inevitably end up with approximately eighty-seven web pages open at once — one for each schedule permutation — through which I then toggle anxiously back and forth to make sure that what appears to be the winning ticket is not going to leave me with a 38-minute layover in Atlanta or stranded overnight in El Salvador or paying Euros instead of dollars (I did that once).  It always takes much longer than I would like, and I usually end up with a headache and a sore neck. 

But I also end up with airplane tickets!!!  Which I love.

This time next week, I’ll be enjoying the balmy winter of Las Vegas, Nevada, before heading up to the less balmy winter of Boise, Idaho.  And in a month, I’ll be sitting in tropical Guatemala City.

Suddenly January and February don’t seem quite so dark and dreary!

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    YAY!! Lady


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