A dull boy

The saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” seems particularly apt right now.  This week was incredibly busy and now, looking back, I find that I have no good stories to tell.  It was plenty interesting to me while I was going through it, but to an outside ear, the narrative is probably less than fascinating: 

Between Tuesday and Thursday I spent approximately 35 hours in a conference room negotiating a contract for the manufacture and distribution of certain drugs throughout the United States.  The rest of the week I spent either preparing for or following up on those negotiations or managing the other projects that I couldn’t focus on during the negotiations.  Non-work life, of course, went by the wayside until the weekend.  But even then I had to hurry to get all my errands and a brief hike finished on Saturday because work started again at 6:00am Sunday morning with a three-hour conference call with clients in the Middle East, followed by a pointless hometeaching-related meeting, and then a long afternoon of contract drafting.

I did manage to set work aside long enough to book a hotel in Paris, though.  Because dullness can only last so long…

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  1. Seems to me what you need is a catchy montage sequence for your work week….


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