Danube Bend: Esztergom, Hungary

After exhausting Vienna (to the extent you can exhaust that city in 36 hours), we packed up the car and headed east to Hungary.  The direct route to Budapest wouldn’t have taken very long, but we wanted to see a series of cute little villages that are tucked into a bend of the Danube river.  Turns out, the villages aren’t that cute, and the little backroads take FOREVER.  That was something I hadn’t predicted.  It took us approximately 36 years to arrive at the first village, at which point QN and I were about dead; we visited a huge basilica and had a crappy lunch (that’s the downside of villages) before skipping all the rest of the villages to go straight to Budapest.

Road trip 0051 air check
Checking the air pressure

Road trip 0049 air check
Loved the station-provided gloves!

Esztergom, Hungary
Road trip 0052 village
Stairway to nowhere
Road trip 0053 village
Castle on the hill

Road trip 0055 church
Esztergom Basilica

Road Trip 0057 village church

Road Trip 0059 Village church

Road trip 0060 village church
Overlooking the Danube

Road trip 0054 village Danube

Road trip 0056 village Danube

Road trip 0061 village church

Photos from the cupola

Road trip 0062 village church view

Niko doesn’t like hights

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