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Hamilton Gardens

Legend has it that everything south and inland of Auckland is just not that cool. A lot of ranch land and unremarkable small towns. Most of that proved true on the drive from Auckland to Hamilton, but there’s a gem of a garden on the outskirts of Hamilton that was a complete delight. Built on […]

Beach, brunch, and a breakdown on Waiheke

This was supposed to be the highlight of my stay in the Auckland area: a day trip to the island paradise of Waiheke for brunch at Mudbrick vineyard, an afternoon of beaches and hiking, and then dinner at Cable Bay vineyard before a sunset ferry ride home. Let’s just say that’s not exactly how things […]

Exploring Auckland

Sunday was my day to explore Auckland. I caught a mid-morning ferry to the CBD . . . . . . and made my way to the Auckland Art Gallery, which with its striking wooden awning is my certainly favourite building in Auckland so far. The gallery has an impressive collection of Maori art . […]

All the pretty houses

I’m just loving all the little white bungalows here in Auckland. They’re pristinely kept and have delicate details, they but don’t feel fussy. I think it’s because the corrugated roofs add an element of austerity, while the subtropical plants lend a bit of chaos. I’d love to see what they’re like on the inside.

Volcanoes of Devonport

I’m staying out in the village of Devonport, across the harbour from Auckland centre. In addition to a completely charming high street, Devonport has two mini volcanic cones that make make for a lovely morning walk and terrific views. Mount Victoria had the best views of the city and the nearby neighbourhoods. North Head looked […]


I made it! The flights went smoothly and confirmed the value of paying for the extra legroom seats. When you’re spending 23 hours in a plane (7 to Dubai, then 16 to Auckland) it’s a glorious thing to be able to stretch out and/or stand up as much as you want. I went directly from […]

New Zealand bound!

Christmas in London was absolutely lovely and I’ve got more to share on that, but at the moment this is what’s happening: As of this morning I had packed nothing and planned nothing more than my airfare, a car, and a place to stay the first few nights. After Justin left this morning I went […]

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