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New York – Theatre Day!

We knew that the bulk of our first full day in New York would be spent sitting in dark theaters — we had tickets to both matinee and evening performances — so we decided to start off with a hearty Belgian brunch at Le Pain Quotidien . . . Belgian hot chocolate, which you make […]

Hello, New York!

On Tuesday morning we left sunny San Juan and flew to New York.  I spent most of the 3.5-hour flight zonked out beneath my eye-mask (our dissolute vacation habits of getting roughly 5 hours of sleep each night were catching up to me) and landed at the Big Apple bright eyed and ready for the […]

Back for more

I’m back in New York for another round of negotiations. How long will I be here this time? No one knows! So far meetings are only scheduled for tomorrow; I can make it through Wednesday without needing to do laundry (and through sometime next week before needing to repeat a tie).   Times Square as […]

Shakespeare in New York

I have been in New York this week.  A client called me up on Monday for a round of meetings and hasn’t let me go since.  Not that much is actually happening to require my presence (the negotiations have been stalled since Monday afternoon); mostly I think the client just wants to know it has me ready at hand, just in case.  The […]

Birthday weekend, part 3 – Falling with Alice

Birthdays aside, the main reason for Amanda’s and my rendez-vous in New York was to see Then She Fell.  It’s an immersive theatre experience roughly in the same genre as Sleep No More (which I saw and wrote about last year), only here the story was Alice In Wonderland, we didn’t wear masks, and there […]

Birthday weekend, part 2 – Exploring Brooklyn

Like I said, by the time we finally turned out the lights on Friday night, it was well past 3:00am.  For some reason this prompted Amanda to ask if we needed to set an alarm and wouldn’t it be nice to just sleep in for a while?  Fortunately, I saw through this trick question (it was actually […]

Birthday weekend, part 1 – Work/life balance

While on train to New York for a weekend of theatre and food with Amanda, receive email from partner basically telling me to cancel trip and spend all weekend working for client who doesn’t care that partner and I both have important personal plans this weekend. Breathe. Eat some nuts and dried fruit.  Don’t cancel […]